Owner - Zip Systems

Craig met Puven Ramasamy (CEO Amava Group Capital) in 2005 and with Puven’s assistance got into the IT and Communications Industry. In partnership with one another they set up a company that supplied both communications and IT solutions to leading African Blue Chip companies.

His expertise involves building bespoke solutions that enhance businesses, allowing them to offer cost effective and state of the art solutions.

Craig’s goal at Amava is to formulate and work on a number of Educational and Corporate Social Initiatives that will improve the lives of many people in Africa.

About Amava:

“Amava is the company with the greatest integrity that I have had the pleasure of being involved with, a company that has strong leadership and that allows employees to make timeous decisions on their own”

To Amava:

“Stay as you are, as the working environment at Amava is one of the best in the industry.”  - Craig McLeod