CEO - Amava Group Capital

As chairman of the Student Representative Council in his final years at All Saints College, Puven’s
entrepreneurial flair was apparent from a young age. Funded by Corporates, All Saints Senior College was founded for the purpose of creating the future black leaders of South Africa. Puven went on to graduate in Commerce from the University of Cape Town and was chosen as part of the first group of black students to attend a training programme through ABSA Corporate banking. It was the catalyst behind his successful entrepreneurial career and gave him great insight into the world of large corporates. He proceeded to work for ABSA Corporate and Merchant Bank in various capacities and has since been extensively involved in the Corporate and Merchant Banking industry in South Africa.

Puven then joined Societe Generale, a large European Bank and major financial services company, as part of a team that was greatly involved in the Western Cape grain and silo industries. He then went on to work for the International Bank of Southern Africa Ltd followed by Mercantile Bank. It was during a time that Mercantile were the key financial backers for many large corporates and Puven gained valuable experience in property portfolios and investments.

Being exposed to the entrepreneurial world made Puven realise the kind of value he could add to South Africa and with this goal in mind he founded Amava IT. It was the starting block for Amava Group Capital (Pty) Ltd which today has investments in mining, technology and construction, and remains an investment company with a strong focus on innovation and social upliftment initiatives. Puven is also an alternative director for Fujitsu Siemens (Pty) Ltd and sits on the boards of DNS Telecoms (Pty) Ltd, Amava Mining Investments (Pty) Ltd and HR Focus Holdings (Pty) Ltd. Puven has always believed in the power of people in a business and it was this belief that motivated his decision to acquire HR Focus Holdings,

a “best of breed” Human Capital Solutions company that provides both technical and consulting services to leading organisations. He knew that

as other business owners started to grasp the “power of people” concept, the HR Focus business would expand with it. Today more than 120 000 employees are administered through HR Focus.

It is this ability to recognise the right people at the right time that has been instrumental in the growth and success of each of Puven as well as Amava’s business ventures. Puven’s role is to establish businesses by introducing them to innovation, growth strategies and social ethos. 
His dedication to constant innovation drives him to invest time in researching gaps in the current market and source other possible leaders, in both the local and global industries, that Amava can synergise with.


“I pride myself in being passionate about my personal role in social upliftment and, ultimately, my goal is to use the power of businesses as a role to make the world a better place. Businesses are able to play a vital role in erasing inequality and poverty to build South Africa all the while remaining world class and profitable” – Puven Ramasamy (CEO Amava Group Capital)