Amava is an innovative investment company with a distinction; we believe that investing in people is as crucial as investing in industries. We aspire to do business in a mutually beneficial way with high rewards not only financially but also socio economically. It is this aim that sets the foundations for us to be the pioneers of true transformation in South Africa by taking a different approach and most importantly doing the right thing.

Since our inception as an IT company in 1998, Amava has diversified into various industries by offering our services as investors, innovators and thought leaders. Today we are a global leader in the removal and transformation of mining waste into functional products that have a low environmental impact.

We are 100% black owned processor of mining waste in South Africa, and a proud member of the South African Chamber of Mines. We subscribe to a strong set of values & ethics, and believe in operating down right up right. Our proven operational track record and constant commitment to innovation have secured us contracts with major players within the mining industry and established us as a credible entity in the global market.


Amava means “Experience”.

A collective first-hand experience of the liberation struggles in South Africa means that we know what the outcome of that struggle was meant to be, and this plays a major role in the way that we do business today. It is this “experience” that has forged a business model that is ethical and transparent in its dealings, and striving for long-term gains and a sustainable future.

We see a path beyond the current noise of BEE, a future where our company uplifts everybody and functions as one united force.


Vision Statement:

To be the business that modifies the way people think and feel about investments & transformation in South Africa

Mission Statement:

To always provide exceptional service to our partners, our customers and all of our people, no matter their role. We will live lives that enable us to play a pivotal role in the upliftment of society and giving back to all the disadvantaged – previously so, or not.

We will be passionate and honest, in everything that we do, always.








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